dress code


  1. If you wear leggings, you must have a fingertip length shirt or a dress on over the leggings. A swearshirt or jacket will not work unless it is fingertip length.
  2. Rips in jeans must be less than 3 inches above the knee. If you have rips in your pants about 3 inches, then you will receive a dress code violation.
  3.  Shirts and tops must come down past the top of your pants. Your stomach or back should not show. 

What Happens if you receive a dress code violation?

You have 3 options...

  1. Call home to have someone bring you other clothes.
  2. Fix it (zipping up a jacket, using tape to cover rips).
  3. Report to ISS for the remainder of the day. 

**When you receive 4 dress code violations, you can be put on a uniform plan where you will wear a polo and khaki pants each day for the remainder of the year.