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Teach To's

over 5 years ago

•What are Teach-To’s?
–Expectations and specific guidelines for how we are to act, how we are to respond, and what we are to do
•Why do we have Teach-To’s at LMS?
–To provide structure and a sense of security
–So all students and staff will know expectations
–So we can focus on instruction
Addressing the Teacher
1.Use Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr. with name.
2.Wait quietly for acknowledgement.
3.Use “Excuse me” or “May I?”
4.Low voice.
5.Say “Thank you” before leaving conversation.
After-School Detention
1.Go to locker and get homework, book to read, and/or paper & pencil.
2.Report directly to Room 20.
3.Answer when the roll is called.
4.Follow directions of ASD monitors.
5.Have transportation ready at 4:15.
6.Wait in lobby for ride.
1.Voice off.
2.Stop working.
3.Hands and feet still.
4.Wait until announcements (Moment of Silence/Pledge of Allegiance) are over.
5.Raise hand to ask questions when announcements are over.
 Arrival to School
1.Enter unlocked door beside main office.
2.Walk to gym. (If before 7:20, wait to be escorted.)
3.Sit in designated area of bleachers. (If going to breakfast, sit in first section on left.)
4.Talk quietly.
5.Use restroom in gym lobby if needed.
6.Wait for teacher at 7:45 bell to be escorted to class.
 Bathroom Usage
1.Walk directly to bathroom.
2.Move directly to and from area of usage.
3.Be sure to flush.
4.Wash hands with soap and water and dry hands.
5.Place trash in trash can.
6.Leave immediately when finished and walk directly back to class.
 Cafeteria (Lunch)
1.Wait quietly in single-file line.
2.Go to assigned table.
3.Ask teacher if you need to return for something.
4.Request permission for restroom.
5.Wait to be dismissed.
6.Dispose of all trash.
 Emergency Drills
1.Line up immediately.
2.Voice off.
3.Walk quickly with hands to self.
4.Stay straight in single-file line.
5.Follow teacher’s directions the first time.
 Hallways (Class Change)
1.Walk on right side.
2.Hands and feet to self.
3.Hold on to objects.
4.Walk facing forward.
5.Low voice.
6.No more than 3 side-by-side.
1.Eyes on speaker.
2.Voice off.
3.Hands and feet still.
4.Sit up straight.
5.Raise hand to speak or ask questions
1.Place books gently on floor, if needed.
2.Stand in front of your locker, without blocking others.
3.Enter combination.
4.Pull up on handle gently (may take more than 1 pull).
5.Get materials.
6.Close door quietly, with nothing hanging out
 Substitute Teachers
1.Follow directions the first time.
2.Use "Please", "Thank you", and "Excuse me.”
3.Be helpful and honest about classroom routines.
4.Voice off, whisper.
5.Complete work.
 Trying Your Best
1.Have a positive attitude.
2.Participate/volunteer more than once daily.
3.Answer all questions; complete entire task.
4.Ask specific, on-topic questions.
5.Use resources in room to answer questions or complete tasks.
 Water Fountain
1.Line up in single-file against lockers.
2.Drink water quietly and within 5 seconds if others are waiting.
3.Fill water bottles only if no one else is waiting.
4.Wait your turn and have others wait theirs.
5.Keep hands to yourself.