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Join the Club, Maggie Diaz

By Nina Moreno, Illustrated by Courtney Lovett

Everyone in Maggie Diaz's life seems to be finding their true passion. The one thing that defines them as a person. Her best friends Zoey and Julian are too busy to spend time after school thanks to band and comics club. Mom is finishing her last semester in college. And of course, perfect older sister Caro has her sports and tutoring club.
So Maggie cooks up a plan to try all the clubs she can! But trying to fit in with type-A future leaders, gardening wizzes, and the fearless kids in woodshop is intimidating, exhausting, and seriously confusing. And when Maggie ends up disappointing her friends, she realizes that juggling school, friends, and all of her after-school activities isn't what she expected. Finding herself might just require some surprising help and possibly a little magic from the bruja next door.

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2023-2024 South Carolina Book Award Nominees

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Kathleen Butler

Kathleen Butler

Librarian, Technology Coach, Webmaster

Mrs. Butler was born, raised and lived most of her life on Long Island, New York. She majored in Biomedical Engineering, received a B.S. from New York Institute of Technology and worked several years in that field. She received a Master of Library Science degree from City University of New York, Queens College.

Before relocating to South Carolina, Mrs. Butler has worked as a children's librarian in a large public library and served on the faculty as a reference librarian at St. Joseph's College. Mrs. Butler came to Laurens Middle School in January 2000 and has served as the school librarian ever since.

Mrs.Butler and her husband have three adult children and seven perfect grandchildren. In her spare time Mrs. Butler enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, quilting, gardening, board games and traveling the country to visit family. Her all time favorite book is Gone With the Wind. She is involved in church activities and is a big fan of the Nashville Predators hockey team.