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LMS Mission Statement

over 3 years ago

Laurens Middle School is a learning community where students are empowered for success.

LMS Vision Statement

over 3 years ago

Vision Statement

We will be a school of excellence and equity for each learner.

Belief Statements

over 3 years ago

We Believe:

  •  Children are our most valuable resource.
  •  Every individual can learn, be successful, and make a valuable contribution to society.
  •  The total education of our children is the shared responsibility of our students, family, school, community, and government.
  •  The family is the primary influence in the development of an individual.
  •  A diversified education, including instruction in the arts, strengthens individuals and society.
  •  Every individual deserves to be treated with dignity, fairness, and respect and to learn in a safe, clean, and physically comfortable environment.
  •  Each individual has different needs and deserves equal opportunities for success in learning.
  •  Excellence is achievable through high expectations and continuous improvement.
  •  Learning is a life-long process.
  •  All students deserve a relevant and challenging education that prepares them for the future.
  •  Decisions should be based on available data and meet the needs of our students.
  •  Educational needs of individual students should be met through innovative and differentiated strategies, including the use of technology.
  •  Resources are scarce and must be used wisely.
  •  Test scores represent only one means of evaluating student progress.
  •  Unity facilitates greater success.
  •  Professional growth and development of teachers and staff is vital for student success.

LMS Alma Mater

over 3 years ago

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Hear Us Roar
Music and Lyrics by Donna Cotter
Dedicated to the Memory of Daniel Hepler
We are Laurens hear us roar,
our spirits are where the eagle soars,
our love, our laughter, bounding through the halls
and He is watching o'er us all.
Hear us roar. Hear us roar.
With dedication and determination, we are one.
Yes, we are one.
Friendships we make here today,
 along life's path will lead the way,
our hopes and dreams will come alive
through hills and valleys we will thrive.
Hear us roar. Hear us roar.
With dedication and determination,
We are one, yes, we are one.

LMS History

over 3 years ago


History of Laurens Middle School
     Centrally located on a 17 acre tract of land, the facilities were completed in 1955 and served as Laurens High School until 1972.
     Laurens Junior High School was founded in 1970, and served grades 8 and 9.  It was originally located on Green Street in the Sanders High School Building, now known as Sanders Middle School.  When the high school students moved into their new facility in the fall of 1972, 7th and 8th grade junior high students moved into the present facility which was renamed Laurens Junior High School.
     Big changes began in 2001, a 6th grade program was started and the school was renamed Laurens Middle School. In the fall of 2002 the district's Montessori program expanded to the middle school level and became part of the Laurens Middle School community. Over the next two years the Montessori program continued to grow and now serves students in the 6th through 8th grade.
     As Laurens Middle School looks to the future we honor the past.  In 2004 the school's colors where changed back to the original colors of blue and gold.  The Academic Excellence in Athletics award has been  named in honor of King Dixon, a 1955 graduate of the school.  During the 2007 awards day ceremony, Bill Ramey, a past principal and educator was honored.  The Principal"s Award given to the student with the highest GPA will now be known as the Bill Ramey Award. 
     To reach the stated mission of developing a community of productive, independent learners for a changing world, LMS has instituted many educational innovations. Some of  the offerings are: single gender classroom environments, an affective comprehensive literacy program, two state-of-the-art computer labs, and a virtual school program for advanced math students.
     As in the past, academic, athletic, fine arts and other extra-curricular groups continue to bring favorable recognition to the school and community.

By Kathleen Butler