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  • Virtual Spirit Week March 2020
In the box to the right are links to your instructions through March 31: Work on the assignments provided in the attached document entitled "eLearning_Packets". These packets should be completed by March 31st. If you do NOT have internet access, please call the school so that you can come pick up paper copies to work on.

IF we are out of school beyond March 31st, you will THEN begin working on the teacher-made assignments that you have already picked up. These will all be located on the school website (
You can email your teachers, counselors, administrators, etc. each day from 9am-12noon with any questions. In addition, you teachers may ask you to join a virtual group in Google Hangouts or other online platforms if you need assistance.

Please keep up with ALL of your work and email me if you need anything additional. We are all experiencing something that is new to all of us; however, it is a critical time of the school year where you do not need to get behind. We are here if you need us.
Issues Logging in to Assignments?
If you are having trouble getting to an assignment due to a “Flash” error message here are the steps to follow:
1. Go to the top of the page to the address bar
2. At the very left of the address bar should be a little icon of a padlock
3. Click on that padlock icon.
4. A drop-down menu will appear to the right.
5. From these choices click on “Allow”
6. You should now be able to get to the assignment.
7. If you are still having trouble you may need to refresh or log out and log in again.
On 03/24/20, Governor McMaster announced that all SC schools will be closed and all school-related activities suspended through at least 04/30/20.
8th Grade Superlative Nominations
Laurens Middle School is a Title I school
Laurens Middle School is a Title I school
Laurens Middle School is a learning community where students are empowered for success.
March Madness of Books
Spring 2020 Assessments Update